Systems for measurement and control

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About us

In the last millennium

In the year 1994 innovation required a small open space, which should not be available at the usual workplace.

A combined voltage detector and phase comparator, designed for reliability, became the object of a surreal fight, in whose consequence we decided for creating the necessary open spaces. The resulting competitor was inventing the wheel once again - a bit cheaper and a little worse of course.

So we supply innovative technology for live working since foundation in the year 1995. In this case that was and is uncompromised safety, even if this often means the renunciation of a high volume optimization. On the other hand we obtain the ability to modify products quickly and cost-effective meeting your wishes - as far as possible and economically justifiable. A respectable number of special versions underline this.

Here and now

Today we produce, optimized for lower quantities and fast model change, directly need-dependently according to customer requirements.

We broaden the assortment successively onto all areas, where modern microelectronics offers an optimum of industrial safety and reliability.

We always are all ears to your specific requirements. Just let us know your needs, maybe we already realized your wish!



A selection of enterprises using our products: