Systems for measurement and control

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Test adapters, storage and consumables

Chapter: Adapters · Storage · Consumables

Test adapters for voltage detection and phase comparison

You find sure examining contact with our adapter systems at all common string part systems. We like to make further adapters for special capacitive taps for you as far as practicable.

Parts: miscellaneous Adapters

Standard program

Order-No. Name Impedance
MA-HL02 Adapter HR to LR system 34 MΩ
MA-ML01 Adapter MR to LR system 10 MΩ
MA-LML01F Adapter LRM to LR system
Type F, 14 mm fixed
0 MΩ
MA-LML01/S Adapter kit LRM to LR system
Type D and P, flex
0 MΩ
MA-LPL01S/CC Adapter kit LRP to LR system
CapaConnect LRP 3/4 only
3 MΩ
MA-LPL02S Adapter kit LRP to LR-System
with 4 mm electrode
3 MΩ
MA-LPL02S/6 Adapter kit LRP to LR-System
with 6 mm electrode
3 MΩ

Storage and transportation

Depending on wish we supply you with stable plastic cases or space-saving leather bags for the storage of your valuable testing instruments.

Parts: plastic case

Standard program

Order-No. Name Dimensions
AB-KK01 Plastic case “Micro” approx. 36 x 31,5 x 9 cm
AB-KK01/T Plastic case “Visual” approx. 36 x 31,5 x 9 cm
AB-LT01 Leather wallet “Micro” approx. 29 x 18 x 5 cm


Genuine accessories for a long equipment life.


Standard program

Order-No. Name
VM-BP01/9 Lithium battery pack, 9V / 1200 mAh