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MicroPhase I

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Phase comparison simply and safely

MicroPhase I is an easily operated phase comparator, dual voltage detector and maintenance tester. Its automatic, thorough self-test ensures reliable function. The permanently enabled interface-testers warn against defect interfaces.

Article: MP1-02Display scheme VDS+UPC

The integrated “Universal Phase Comparator” compares two different interface signals, even if they are of different interface type or voltage. A unique error control avoids switching errors caused by erratic or unfeasible phase comparison. The indication of a signed phase angle helps to sync different net segments or to put the phase sequence in desired order.

Application and technique

MicroPhase I is a dual phase VDS (Voltage Detecting System) with integrated UPC (Universal Phase Comparator) for the LR-System in compliance with IEC/EN 61243-5 (DIN VDE 0682 T415). Additionally the device connects to HR, MR and LRM string parts with the appropriate adapter.

The indication of the interface current is executed by means of two bright LEDs per input phase, which display the conditions voltage absent, residual voltage, voltage present, string part Ok and high current respectively.

Condition Current Display
voltage absent < 0,3 µA green continuous light
residual voltage 0,3 - 2,3 µA green flashing light
voltage present 2,4 - 3,1 µA red flashing light
string part ok > 3,2 µA red continuous light

Three additional LEDs display the phase conditions phase balance, phase unbalance and phase comparison impossible.

Condition Phase angle Display
Phase unbalance, Lx -> L1 -180 .. -21° red flashing light
Phase balance -20 .. +20° green continuous light
Phase unbalance, L1 -> Lx +21 .. +180° red continuous light
Error not determinable amber continuous light

The determination is accomplished with an rms-value measuring method independent of the applied waveform. Fast zero-crossing detectors with digital offset compensation carry out phase comparison.

The integrated self-test ensures unfailing operation. It starts automatically whenever the device is switched on. You merely plug the connection leads into the test jacks of the device, push the power button once and the device checks the connection leads, the LEDs, the battery and the correct functioning of electronic measuring circuits and software. If an error is detected you will be notified of fault condition by deterministic flashlight signal before it shuts down.


Firmware modification

The device can be set to a specific operating / nominal voltage ratio on request.

Technical data

MicroPhase I (MP1-02)
Connecting system LR
Impedance 2 MΩ at f=50 Hz
Threshold values
(Uo = Un)
0,3 µA - residual voltage
2,4 µA - voltage present
3,2 µA - string part ok
15 µA  - high current
Phase angle ±  0 - ±  20° - phase balance
±21 - ±180° - phase unbalance
Frequency range < 20 ... > 200 Hz (VDS)
45 - 65 Hz (UPC)
Input voltage 0 - 65 V~
Plug proportions 2x phone plug Ø 6,3 mm
at 1,5 m connection lead
Electronics 8 Bit MCU; 2 MHz clock; 8 Bit A/D
Display 3x LED green, 3x LED red, 1x LED amber
Power supply 3 lithium cells, 9V
Dimensions 150 x 80 x 35 mm
Weight approx. 460 g
Protection class IP 54

Subject to change without prior notice!


Order-No. Name
MP1-02 MicroPhase I
MP1-02/K ... with two HR-LR adapters in plastic case
MP1-02/L ... with two HR-LR adapters in leather wallet
MA-HL02 Test adapter HR to LR-system
MA-ML01 Test adapter MR to LR-system
MA-LML01F Test adapter LRM to LR-system (14 mm fixed)
MA-LML01S Test adapter kit LRM to LR-system (flexible)
AB-KK01 Plastic case for MicroPhase I
AB-LT01 Leather wallet for MicroPhase I