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Chapters: Overview · Description · Device configurations

Voltage detection simple and reliable

With the MicroDetect line you get a type series of handy, exact and simply useable voltage detectors.

Parts: MDb-01 and MA-HL02

Equipped with a thorough self test to ensure reliable function, a permanently enabled interface-tester to warn against defect interfaces and the connectability to HR, MR, LR or LRM string parts every MicroDetect delivers uncompromising safety.

Application and technique

MicroDetect is a VDS (Voltage Detecting System) according to IEC/EN 61243-5 (DIN VDE 0682 T415). LR is the primary fitting system. Respective adapters for HR, MR and LRM string parts are available.

The indication of the interface current is carried out by means of two bright LEDs, which display the conditions voltage absent, residual voltage, voltage present, string part Ok and high current respectively. After two minutes without applied signal the device shuts down automatically.

The evaluation of the actual voltage state is accomplished with an rms-value measuring method independent of the applied waveform. By means of the active display no external light source is required for metering, like it is needed for passive LC-displays: you rather deplete torch light batteries than device-batteries.

The integrated self-test ensures unfailing operation. It starts automatically whenever the device is switched on. After pushing the button once the device checks the connection lead, the LEDs, the battery voltage and the correct functioning of electronic measuring circuits and software. When an error is detected you will be notified of fault condition by deterministic flashlight signal and the device shuts down.

Two long-lasting lithium batteries power the thrifty microcontroller electronics for many operating hours.

Device configurations

Order-no. Name
MDb-01 MicroDetect basic - basic unit
MDb-01/K MicroDetect basic (Set)