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String part adaptation LRP-LR

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Test adapter LRP-LR (Type D, 4 mm)

Our test adapter MA-LPL02D connects LR measuring devices to standardized LRP string parts and capacitive test points. An insulating tube with great dielectric strength shields the user from static energized test points without automatic earthing.

Article: MA-LPL02D

Application and technique

The test adapter MA-LPL02D converts a capacitive LRP into a LR string part in compliance with IEC/EN 61243-5 (DIN VDE 0682 T415).

Technical data

Test adapter LRP-LR (MA-LPL02D)
Connecting system LRP (plug) and LR (jack)
Impedance 3 MΩ at f=50 Hz
Frequency range 45 - 65 Hz
Input voltage 0 - 90 V~
Plug proportions 2x 4 mm plugs, one pluggable crocodile clip,
phone jack Ø 6,3 mm
Dimensions approx. 180 x 35 x 35 mm
1,3 m earth connection lead
Weight approx. 166 g

Subject to change without prior notice!


Order-No. Name
MA-LPL02D Test adapter LRP-LR