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String part adaptation LRP-LR

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Test adapter LRP-LR (Type D/CC)

Our test adapter MA-LPL01D/CC connects LR measuring devices to LRP string parts. The build-in t-slot in the bottom of the adapter generates a self-adherent fit on CapaConnect LRP-3/4 string part modules.

Article: MA-LPL01D/CC

Application and technique

The test adapter MA-LPL01D/CC converts a capacitive LRP into a LR string part in compliance with IEC/EN 61243-5 (DIN VDE 0682 T415).

Technical data

Test adapter LRP-LR (MA-LPL01D/CC)
Connecting system LRP (plug) and LR (jack)
Impedance 3 MΩ at f=50 Hz
Frequency range 45 - 65 Hz
Input voltage max. 90 V~
Plug proportions 2x 4 mm plugs, d= variable
Phone jack Ø 6,3 mm
Dimensions 88 x 41 x 26 mm
0,3 m earth connection lead
Weight approx. 58 g

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Order-No. Name
MA-LPL01D/CC Test adapter LRP-LR