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Chapter: Overview · Description · Module types

“Establish contact”

With modules of CapaConnect series you can repair defective capacitive string parts of older installations, or retrofit string parts, where until now only direct cable taps are available.

Parts: VPb-01, MA-ML02

The connections to coupling dielectrics and earth can be carried out without an expensive dismantling normally, as the module contains all necessary components, like surge arresters, plug-in positions for adjustment capacities and high-quality contacts.

Application and technique

The CapaConnect series contains three-phase string parts according to IEC/EN 61243-5 (DIN VDE 0682 T415). The coupling-system is implemented as low-impedance LRP system. Other coupling-systems on inquiry.

The interface module consists of insulating plastics and can be fastened to the switchgear with two M6 sized stainless steel bolts. For use in exposed outdoor locations a gasket kit is optionally available.

The electric connection is carried out three-phase with an additional ground connection. An easy-mounting cable kit is deliverable.

Build-in voltage limiting devices provide electric safety. The string part currents can be adjusted as required by plug-in capacitors. Moreover, the capacitive taps are equipped with an automatic earthing device at LRP string parts, which protects the operator from high static voltages.

Module configurations

Order-No. Name
CC-LRP3/4+KS+DS 3-phase LRP string part module
with cable and gasket kit
CC-LRP3/4 3-phase LRP string part module